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French & Spanish Language Tuition - Testimonials



I decided to take my love of the French language to another level and seek out a private tutor. Claude Dickerson was my choice; a native French speaking teacher, highly qualified, experienced and motivated. From our first lesson, she demonstrated immense patience, technical understanding and a unique ability to translate complex information into simple terms and explanations. Claude makes every lesson interesting, weaving in backstories from French history and creating common dialogue scenarios for language immersion. She captures difficult vocabulary and key concepts from the lesson and emails them through for review. One special quality is her inspiration to the language learner, providing incredible enjoyment for over two years in my case. I would highly recommend Claude for anyone serious about learning French or Spanish, she will have you speaking fluently in no time."




"I am now at university studying English and French. While I was studying for my A levels I had tuition with Claude that allowed me to build on my learning in school. Most important of all, was the opportunity to practice speaking with a native French speaker. Over the course of the lessons I built up my vocabulary, improved my grammar and my confidence. Claude was really good – always flexible about topics I wanted to focus on, ready to improve my pronunciation and to provide just the right level of encouragement and support."




"I find Claude's relaxed and flexible approach to language learning fits in very well with my own constantly changing schedule and priorities.   I would recommend her to anyone seeking to take the next step to fluency in Spanish".




"Its been an amazing experience studying Spanish with Claude Dickerson. With my work schedule and a very urgent need to brush up my Spanish to be able to use it within a very short space of time, I was more than pleasantly surprised at the structure and simple methods used to bring back my knowledge and update it with new vocabulary. Her ability to use technology and provide me with tips on where and how to access information on the go while traveling has been very helpful for me to achieve what I wanted … which was to be able to quickly brush my skills and communicate in Spanish! Many thanks again to Claude for her efforts and for being able to clearly understand my requirements and adapt her inputs accordingly!

French or Spanish tuition, one to one. The lesson lasts one full hour but can be extended if you wish.

It has been scientifically proven that a language is mainly learnt through listening, therefore, I always teach in the target language, encoraging the student to speak in the language under study. It develops the self-confidence to become an independent speaker in French or Spanish. Language study will need your personal commitment and consistency in your learning and can be demanding.

Terms & Conditions

The lessons are for a minimum of one hour, each. This can be extended at your request in order to accelerate your learning experience.

Lessons are booked in advance.

As a general rule, I request 24 hours notice a this give me the flexibility to reallocate time to other students. Unfortunately opportunity loss may have to be charged.