Private Language Tuition, Translation and Proof-reading - London

  • Your Spanish lesson  is especially designed to meet your requirements. Your requested tailored home-work will support your  comprehension of the Spanish grammar and syntax. My lesson are quite intensive.
  • A balanced mix of listening, reading and speaking in Spanish  contributes to assimilate the vocabulary, colloquial expressions and acquire the correct pronunciation you need to communicate with Spanish speaking people.
  • Spanish culture and tradition are always included in the lessons. I offer follow up support to help you in your future ambitions in a Spanish environment whether for business, education or leisure.

If you wish to receive further information, please call: 07986 697412
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I decided to take my love of the French language to another level and seek out a private tutor. Claude Dickerson was my choice; a native French speaking teacher, highly qualified, experienced and motivated. From our first lesson, she demonstrated immense patience, technical understanding...

- Daniel

I find Claude's relaxed and flexible approach to language learning fits in very well with my own constantly changing schedule and priorities. I would recommend her to anyone seeking to take the next step to fluency in Spanish.

- Paul

Terms & Conditions

The lessons are for a minimum of one hour, each. This can be extended at your request in order to accelerate your learning experience.

Lessons are booked in advance.

As a general rule, I request 24 hours notice a this give me the flexibility to reallocate time to other students. Unfortunately opportunity loss may have to be charged.