Private Language Tuition, Translation and Proof-reading - London

I offer one to one, on-line French or Spanish tuition, with the standard of face to face private tuition. You will have the support you need to start learning, practicing a new language in the safety of your home or a place of your choice.

You receive the same standard of tuition involving your participation in listening, speaking, and attaining a good accent. This is complemented with tailored homework to acquire the French or Spanish syntax.

I will correct your pronunciation and help you to express yourself confidently to be understood by the native speakers.

We will speak and practice French or Spanish on a specific subject conversation especially structured for your level of competence, supported with vocabulary and syntax explanation. You will interact, and learn, listening with the support of a shared platform.

Speaking a foreign language only brings you complete satisfaction when you can understand fully what people tells you in the learnt language.  You may learn to speak but comprehension is as essential as speaking because it boosts your breadth of expression and encourages you to further heighten your learning commitment.

If you wish to receive further information, please call: 07986 697412
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I decided to take my love of the French language to another level and seek out a private tutor. Claude Dickerson was my choice; a native French speaking teacher, highly qualified, experienced and motivated. From our first lesson, she demonstrated immense patience, technical understanding...

- Daniel

I find Claude's relaxed and flexible approach to language learning fits in very well with my own constantly changing schedule and priorities. I would recommend her to anyone seeking to take the next step to fluency in Spanish.

- Paul

Terms & Conditions

The lessons are for a minimum of one hour, each. This can be extended at your request in order to accelerate your learning experience.

Lessons are booked in advance.

As a general rule, I request 24 hours notice a this give me the flexibility to reallocate time to other students. Unfortunately opportunity loss may have to be charged.